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WaterBean's Health Benefits

What is Tourmaline & Alkaline Water purification?

We’ve replaced some of the carbon commonly used in water filters with the mineral Tourmaline. Tourmalines healing properties have long been used in Eastern medicine for its remarkable ability to detoxify and create alkaline balanced water. Alkaline Water purification involves raising the pH levels of the water to a level that is not found in modern day tap water. It generally takes about 15 minutes for the carbon to remove nasty tastes and odours from big city tap water.

What does Alkaline Water
do for my body?

Alkaline water helps balance your bodies’ acidity levels. Acidity is attributed to modern lifestyle and diet and is an unnatural state for the human body. Alkaline Water (which is the opposite of acidic water) helps balance the bodies’ acidity that in turn helps balance your bodies’ metabolism. Consumer research reports increased energy levels, alertness and general wellbeing when drinking Alkaline Water over a period of time.

What does Magnesium do
for my body?

As WaterBean sits in the water it can naturally leach minerals present in the Coconut Carbon. Magnesium is the fourth most abundant mineral in the human body and an essential mineral playing a key role in many biological processes through its function in enzyme activities. It also creates great tasting mineral water. Up to 70% of people are magnesium deficient according to the World health Organisation.

Can I use WaterBean for drinking from rivers and lakes?

Do not use WaterBean with untreated water. WaterBean empowers you to take the impurities out of any tap water source, reduce your plastic waste carbon footprint, and drink healthy alkaline water.

How do I
keep my WaterBean clean and safe?

You can remove your WaterBean every week or so and place it on a warm window ledge for a day which will both keep WaterBean clean and safe from bacteria and, as a bonus, sunlight helps to reactivate the carbon.


Note: Place in the sun: Not necessary. They can be used for months on end with no spacial cleaning. This is pointed out to help place the responsibility to keep it clean on the consumer.

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